Thursday October 27th, the English Cafe celebrated Halloween during the weekly English Lunch Conversation activity. Costumes and games were a common sight as both students and staff took part in the festivities. After a quick bite to eat, the fun began with a round of Doubt where groups tried to figure who the odd one out was based on clues.


                                                      Hmmmm….who doesn’t belong?

After that, things really came a bit unraveled as teams competed to make the best toilet paper mummy within five minutes. A lot of spinning, wrapping and mummifying later the results were in. Kevin, an International Exchange student from Germany, and his team proved that they were the best embalmers as their performance was judged the most mummy-like.


                                                         Kevin in all his mummified glory!

It was a great activity and the cleanup was quick and easy with all the participants chipping in a helping hand.


                                           A few more mummies that can barely contain their excitement!

It was a great event and everyone involved had a lot of fun. The English Cafe Volunteer Staff did a great job organizing and leading everything. We at the English Cafe can’t wait until next year to see what spooky and raucous shenanigans the students of Kagawa University get into.


                                                        Thank you to everyone who joined us this year!

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