Starting in January the English Cafe will be offering two new workshops for any students interested in expanding their English abilities. The new workshops will be supplemental study for any classes students are currently taking. January 12th will be the first of the weekly English Media Afternoon lessons. This lesson will use various forms of media such as movies, music and literature to help build on the foundation students have. It will be held every Tuesday during the 4th period time slot of 14:40-16:10.

In addition to English Media Afternoon, the English Cafe will also be offering an incentive to join the Coffee Break English sessions. Held Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10:00-11:00, Coffee Break English will supply complimentary coffee and tea to those wishing to join. The timing of the workshop is purposely staggered between the 1st and 2nd period lesson end/start time so as to allow the maximun number of people to take part. Students of all English levels are encouraged to stop in for some converstaion practice.

As well as offering these new workshops, the English Cafe will also host additional TOEFL Speaking Practice during the Tuesday lunch time slot that was previously dedicated to TOEIC SW preparation.

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