The English Cafe helped students capture the holiday spirit this December by hosting a Christmas Party during their English Lunch Conversation on December 22nd. Students were treated to Christmas music, games and prizes. The students and teachers who attended the event took part in a musical demonstration using paper cups as their intruments. There was also a rousing Pictionary Relay where teams competed to finish a string of drawings before the other groups. It was a great way to wrap up the Holiday Season before sending the students off to enjoy their Winter Break.

Students practicing the "Cups Song"

Students practicing the “Cups Song”

Twenty nine students competed in the 1st Annual Kagawa University English Presentation Contest on November 29th, 2015. The contest was broken into two groups. The first group was composed of students who have studied abroad, as well as many of the International students attending the University. The second group was primarily made up of students with an interest in English and that wanted to take on the challenge of an English presentation. All students performed admirably and shared their knowledge on many different topics.

A few of the notable presentations were from  Francisco Javier Nicolas Felix and Ummi Rafiqah, who took home the third place prize, Nurul Mawadah who claimed second and Risa Horike who received the first place award for the first group.

Presentation Group 1

                                                                Presentation Group 1

In the second group, Saaya Tochigi and Kana Nakahara placed third. Nao Komatsu was the second place presenter, while Eri Okazaki was the first place finisher for her colorful presentation.


                                                                     Presentation Group 2